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1. Badges

Reward your customers with badges for special actions:

Filling profile information

Friends invitation

Mobile app install

Completed purchases

Email subscription

+400 other actions
Some actions are available just after the registration. Other actions can be easily created using a special SailPlay interface!
2. Quests

2. Quests

Use composite quests to motivate customers to make more rewarding actions or to learn how your service works. Quests in SailPlay Gamification consist of a sequence of actions. Actions can be simple (fill profile information) or composite (e.g. invite friends and like our Facebook page).

3. Email notifications

Built-in notification tool allows you to automatically send to your customers notifications about received badges and next steps from a quest. Notifications let your customers know about received rewards, not only when they are on your website, but also when they are checking their mailbox. All Emails are optimized for mobile clients to effectively communicate with your customers even when they are on the way.
3. Email notifications
4. Website hints

4. Website hints In progress

Create website hints to help your customers use your website. Website hints usage makes your customers familiar with your service that increase conversion rates and number of orders.

5. Leaderboard

Build competitions, reward your customers to motivate them to make more purchases, invite more friends and be more active in social networks. Customers can earn bonus points for purchases, friends invitations, posts on social networks and any other additional actions.
5. Leaderboard
6. Progress visualization

6. Progress visualization

Visualize your customers' progress by showing interim targets and achievements. With a clear understanding of the current status and bonus points needed to achieve goals, customers are more interested in completing additional actions.
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